Review of use of statins for preventing dementia

Cochrane has just published an updated review of research into the use of statins to prevent dementia.

High cholesterol levels increase the risk of dementia. Some observational studies have suggested an association between statin use and lowered incidence of dementia.

Two trials, using different statins (simvastatin and pravastatin) with a significant number of participants, were reviewed.

Five different cognitive tests were taken by participants. There were no differences between the results of the statin and placebo groups. With regard to the risk of withdrawal due to adverse events, there was no difference between statin and placebo groups.

This particular Cochrane review concludes that statins, given in late life to people at risk of vascular disease, do not prevent cognitive decline or dementia.

McGuinness, B., Craig, D., Bullock, R. and Passmore, P. (2016) ‘Statins for the prevention of dementia’, Cochrane Library, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. [Online]. Available at: 

Midlands Trust eliminates dementia inpatient falls

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The Nursing Times reports that a specially recruited HCA Team at Burton Hospitals Foundation Trust has eliminated falls amongst dementia inpatients.

The enhanced care service, introduced a year ago, involves HCAs being allocated a patient to provide one-to-one care to.

Ward managers reported an improvement in continuity of care because the service follows the patient. Feedback also indicated that junior doctors had been called out far less to deal with patients in distress.

The service reports a cut in annual spend on bank and agency nurses of around £60,000. The Trust is working with other Trusts who are launching similar care models.

See the Nursing Times article, volume 112 issue 1/2, for further information. Available in print format at Chesterfield Royal Hospital Foundation Trust Library.

Stephenson, J. (2016) ‘Enhanced dementia care team of HCAs proving success after first year’ Nursing Times 112(1/2) [Online]. Available at: