Memory apps help people with dementia to share their life story with family and carers

New apps which help people with dementia to reminisce about their life have been launched with the hope of transforming their care and quality of life.

The app, RemindMeCare, uses reminiscence therapy to encourage people with dementia to talk about their memories.

The software automatically creates content that matches the life story of the person with dementia. In addition to photos, the system uses music, films and images of events and places, taken from the web, to create a detailed multimedia profile of the person.

This profile is then used to help stimulate conversation between the person with dementia and their carers in order to build a better relationship.

For group activities, the software will pick up on shared interests and help several residents to take part. Family members can upload relevant information to their relative’s profile and be more actively involved in their care.

An advantage of ReMindMeCare is that it creates a digital record of activities and interventions so carers do not necessarily have to record all of this information separately.

The apps Book of You and Playlist for Life, also use photos, words and music to facilitate reminisences. These two apps are part of a dementia citizens project run by the innovation charity Nesta.

For further information, read this article in The Guardian.


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