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New website launched providing products and advice for people with dementia

Following his mother’s early onset dementia, James Ashwell has set up the website  Unforgettable.org.

‘Unforgettable’ provides products, advice and a community for people with dementia and memory loss. Products offered for sale include personalised jigsaws, GPS insoles and even the first dementia specific power of attorney (POA) service.

Unforgettable will launch its first pop-up shop in Bournemouth this year and is currently fundraising  for a national advertising campaign.



The importance of spirituality for people with dementia

This article provides an overview of spirituality and spiritual needs in people with dementia. It addresses potential causes of spiritual distress and provides examples of spiritual care strategies. It concludes that spiritual care is an important aspect of patient care and dementia patients need to be supported to express their spiritual values and beliefs.

Scott, H (2016) The importance of spirituality for people living with dementia. Nursing Standard, 30(25) 41-50. Abstract available at: http://journals.rcni.com/doi/abs/10.7748/ns.30.25.41.s47 For the full text article please contact the Library.